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Sleep Study #4   5 comments

For those that aren’t aware already, I have a condition known as sleep apnea. Before I get into the fun, I’ll give a little info on what that is:

Basically, it means that I stop breathing in my sleep & one of the side effects is gawd awful snoring.  Which, for me, was more like gagging & choking in my sleep.  Which, was never really “sleep”, because it is a constant battle of just falling asleep & the “snore” wakes you.  It’s really your brain telling you OMG WAKE UP, YOU’RE NOT BREATHING! So, yea, you start walking around like a zombie, falling asleep in the middle of a conversation, and driving.. yea, that’s just plain scary.  There are many nasty side effects to having sleep apnea.. it can cause your blood pressure to go up, cause you to either.. gain weight, or have a very difficult time losing it, and lead to your risks of diabetes (2), and heart disease.  This is just naming a few.  The good news is, they can treat this with a device called a C-Pap.  That stands for continuous positive airway pressure. It is a machine that has a hose attached to a mask you wear when you sleep, that pushes air into your face at a prescribed level to keep your air passage open. There are other treatments as well, including a dental device, and surgery.. all of which would be discussed with you when you have your sleep study & diagnosis follow up!  For me, it was the C-Pap, and I have been using one for 4+ years now.  My how the time flies.  Now, on to the fun!

After a period of time, they like you to come in for additional sleep studies, especially if your condition seems to not improve or worsen with the c-pap, or you gain or lose a significant amount of weight.  As I’ve had my machine for 4+ years, and Steve could still hear me snoring lightly through it (although, nothing like I used to), and I’ve been feeling more tired again lately, I contacted my sleep study doctor.  They scheduled me for a study this past Friday night.  This will be the 4th time I’ve had to go through this in the past decade, give or take a year.  At least, now that this is my 4th time, I know what to expect, and I’m used to sleeping with my mask on.  It’s still not a comfortable time falling asleep, and if you’re not a “back sleeper” it can be even more difficult to fall asleep.  They ask you to stay on your back while you spend the night sleeping in their facility.  I’m not so much a “back sleeper” as I am a “tosser turner”, side, back, side, side, back.. and so on.  If I stay too long on one side or on my back, it starts to hurt, I wake up, roll over, and fall asleep.  Sometimes, I don’t even know I’ve done it.  So, staying on my back all night, did not add to my best level of sleep.. and neither did any of this…


                                                                   So Many WIRES


What you don’t see.. is the belt strapped around me, under my arms, & around     my waist.. which has wires pulled thru, from my legs & chest.


                                                               And MORE Wires..


And to complete the look.. my very own face mask that I wear every night.. only, I don’t usually include the wires.

So, I slept on & off for the next 6 hours, and they woke me up at 5am, removed the wires, had me fill out my exit interview paperwork, and left me to shower.  Yes, thank goodness, they have one.  Because.. this..




                                                       More glue..


                                 Red from tape..

In that last photo.. they had taped a small microphone to my neck, to listen to any snoring.  The tech ripped off the tape, much like one would rip off a bandaid really fast.  My neck is still red.. and sticky.. and I’ve been scrubbing it, and using oil on it to break up the sticky mess.  Hopefully I get it all by tomorrow.

In the end, my night’s sleep wasn’t as bad as previous sleep studies that I’ve done.. but I think, again, that part of that is because I’m used to sleeping with a mask already.  But, it still wasn’t a “perfect” night’s sleep.  Glad I have a 3 day weekend to finish getting “un-sticky”.  Thankfully, a friend & coworker, who also is a licensed cosmetologist, was able to tell me some products to use to help me remove the junk from my hair, that seemed to work very well.  I recall it taking a LONG time & a couple of days to clear my hair before, and I’m pretty sure I got it all this morning.  Thank you so much for that!

I hope you enjoyed seeing me in all my ridiculousness, and maybe learned something too.

P.S. – I could totally do a post on how comical (or maybe it’s not really that funny) it is that the office administrator doesn’t understand how our insurance works.  Can you say.. blue in the face?  Wow..



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