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Cell phones need to die.   2 comments

This post is very ranty.  Feel free to skip it, but I just had to vent.

So, this is a thing that happened yesterday.  I was on my way home from the store.. and at a stoplight.  The lady in front of me, was yapping on her bright yellow cellphone, and not paying attention to when the light turned green.  Annoyed, I did a few quick beeps of my horn, and she moved.  Coming up on the next light, it was also red, and she was still yapping away  on her bright yellow cellphone, she wasn’t paying attention, again, and had to slam her breaks, and veer off the road some, to avoid hitting the van in front of her.  Her windows were down, mine were up, and she’s lucky about that.. because in my car, I was screaming loudly for her to “get off the damn cell phone & pay attention, you stupid bitch!”.

So, people that know me really well, know I’m anti cell phone.  They are a menace, and need to be *revolutionized.  If you’ve ever seen the show Revolution, this is what I mean.  If you haven’t, look it up, it up, it’s a good show.  To describe it briefly for you.. There was a secret government type program that a few people were working on, and it went “wrong”, and turned off, well, everything.  Forever.  People were living off the land, forming militias, breaking into colonies & it was no longer the United States.  Flash forward about 15 years.. see that there was a way to restore power.  Lots of chaos ensues.  Like I said, look it up, it’s pretty good.

Back to my cell phone rant.  Yes, I believe they are completely not necessary, and a menace, and cause more problems because people don’t respect the fact that when they are driving, they should NOT BE ON A PHONE!!!!  If it’s that important, like an emergency, get off the road & make your call.  The only exception I’d say, is if you had a totally hands free, including dialing.  Steve has OnStar in his truck, and it’s programmed with a couple numbers by command, and for the ones he doesn’t have programmed, he can tell it to dial and call out the numbers to dial.  He only uses that for very short, brief calls, when he must.  We share a prepay cell phone, and it’s used so little, that we never run out of time on it, just days.  When you run out of days (bought in 30 or 60 day increments), the minutes roll over.  I usually get 60 days & 300 minutes, for $15 a month.  I’m currently up to about 800 minutes, due to unused minutes.  They offer an unlimited plan, but I don’t need to spend $50 a month for unlimited everything, when we’re not using it!  It’s an emergency phone.  That’s it.  I really don’t need “an app for that”.  The world would be just a bit safer,  with less cell phone use in it.  I am close to a boiling point on it, that if I get hit by someone, and I see they were on a phone at the time, I’d want to grab their phone and bounce test it on the pavement.  I’ve come close to being hit so many times now, and pretty much every time, the other person was yapping away on a phone.  Everyone says “oh, not me, I’m careful”.. but then it only takes a second to end or ruin lives.



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