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Pieces of a conversation   4 comments

Back story first:

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been having Dr. Who-athons at our house, because, my kids have been watching for a couple years now, and I’d only ever watched with them a couple times.  They hate explaining stuff to me, because I’d be lost & confused, so I finally decided to start back at the first episode of the reboot.  I may eventually go back & watch the original.. I’d seen some of that as a child with my dad.  Tom Baker was truly my first Doctor, and well, you never forget your first Doctor.  We’re nearly through last year’s episodes, and will be up to the current season before this week is over.  I’ve really enjoyed it, and anytime I question anything that I just don’t see how it’s possible, I’m told, or reminded, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.  FINE.

This weekend, the following conversation took place, just because we were watching Dr. Who:

Steve: Hah, see, he set fire to the wood, it does wood!

Marissa: No, he just set fire to the cloth.

Me: Well, I set fire to the rain.

Marissa: We were rolling in the deep.

Me: We could have had it all.

Steve: But instead I Skyfall.

We all burst out laughing, and Steve said, “what’s up with all the Adele references?”, and I just said, “I dunno,  just kinda happened…” Marissa declared she loves this family & we’re awesome.

Dr. Who, bringing harmony to the world we live in.

Ok, maybe you had to be there.


My day in Gaithersburg, aka, seeing The Bloggess!   4 comments

It feels like a Sunday.. but really, just a long Saturday.  I woke up early, played some Diablo 3, helped hubby a lil bit when he was installing flooring upstairs, started a roast in the crock pot, then loaded 3 teens, hubby, and myself in the truck, and headed to the Gaithersburg, MD Book Festival.  AKA come see Jenny Lawson, thebloggess, and laugh your ass off day.  It took just over an hour to get to the shuttle that would take us to the festival, and wow, it should have just been Jenny Lawson day there.  I think everyone there was there for her, and it was AWESOME.  She read to us, a chapter from her book, that had us all rolling in our chairs.  (the chapter had to do with some ex-lax, and a non-rapist kitty.)  Afterwards, stood in line to see her .. minus my book, because I’m just smart like that to not take my book with me to see the author to get it signed.  smh.  Got to have pic taken with her, with the family +1, and she even signed my arm in sharpie marker!  I’m seriously going to try to avoid scrubbing my arm thru Monday, so that I can sport my bloggess love for a day at work.  Did not get home until about 8:30pm, had dinner just after 9pm.. so worth it!

Some photos from the day!

Enter Jenny Lawson, thebloggess

Jenny Lawson reads a chapter to her fans.

Standing in line to get pics & signed. The line was MUCH longer when we started.

Copernicus with his diet coke!

Jenny Lawson, myself, and my family +1

Signed by Jenny Lawson!


I so wanted to have time to talk to her, but I knew it wasn’t really possible.  Like so many, we read her words and think of her just like a good friend, someone we could have a real heart to heart with.  I wanted to ask her, how is she holding up with all of the travel & all of the people, and all of the attention.  I really wished I’d have brought my book for a personal note from her, or come up with some witty amazing gift that would be worthy, but it was still great to see her, listen to her read about ex-lax and non rapist kitty Posey, and have a picture taken with her.  All in all, a great day!

Thank you Jenny Lawson, for making my day.. furiously happy.


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