A poll of sorts   6 comments

So, a week ago, Alex had her senior class portrait taken.  There’s about 15 poses between 4 outfits.  Of those, I’ve widdled it down to the  “top 5”.  The picture in the burgundy drape is required for the yearbook, burgundy & gold is the school’s colors.  I actually like it quite a bit.  In any case, I’m having trouble deciding which pose I’d like to buy as our “package”.  I don’t have any polling software, so we’re going to fake it here, and you can simply reply with the one you like best (I’ll number them to make it easier!).  These are the proofs, and contain the copywrite & watermark from the photography studio.  Now, in no particular order:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5





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6 responses to “A poll of sorts

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  1. The drape is my favorite picture 2, followed by picture 3 🙂

  2. In a bit of a rush so cant stay to comment more, but I like pics 2 and 3 – shes so cute!

  3. Agree! #2 and then #3. #1 is cute, but it looks like the pole is smashing her hair – even though it’s just the way her hair is…

    Terri Radziewski
  4. Love #2 and then #4.

  5. Sorry, but i cant pick one. I really like them all.

  6. #3 is adorable (they are all good). #3 is my favorite…good luck picking!

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