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Time for another “day in the life” post.  I tend to run many days together, so this will likely be more of the same!

Alex has had a couple of beginner cake decorating classes.  She has some cupcakes in the fridge to frost (which, I wish she would frost so we could NOM on them!), and a cake she made at the previous class (which is more than gone.)  Here’s a sample of what she’s done so far.

First decorated cake.

Not a masterpiece, but it’s all about learning technique, how to hold the bag- angle & pressure.  It’s a work in progress and she’s been pretty excited about learning how to make the flowers, but that’s not until the 2nd session later in July.

In other news, we got some new living room furniture.  Yay for sales!  Boo for making payments.  Hope to pay it off fast tho.  The cats have already laid claim to the new stuff.  It’s soooo comfy!

Tiger’s Loveseat

Patches’ Couch

4 of 5 kitties approve.

The furniture is a nice soft microfiber, and is a chocolate brown color.  Needless to say, it’s going to require a bit of vacuuming to keep it that way.  Patches sheds. A LOT.

To update on my girls-

Alex is doing very well since she had her follow up with the GI doc, and is following the restrictive diet (much to her displeasure) and taking her meds.  She’s had no complications from the esophogitis, and that is a big PLUS in the happy column for me.  She’s hoping the diet is temporary, until they find out what caused the allergy specifically.  She hates not being able to have a lot of her favorites, like BBQ chicken or hot wings.

Marissa is feeling better too.  Her headache has pretty much gone.  The doctor recommended that she get better sleeping patterns / routine, and add more good foods, less processed foods, to her diet, as well as some B2 daily.  Still no MRI, the insurance doesn’t feel it’s justified, so they won’t cover it.  I will roll with that for now, as long as she’s not getting worse & seems to be improving.  She still has bad flareups with her dermatitis, but there’s not much we can do about that, but use the ointment as it happens.  The only other thing would be the pain she experiences in her wrists.. I may want to have that looked at as well, because if it’s something like arthritis, we should find out now.  Mom had arthritis from the time she was even younger than Marissa, so I know it’s a possibility.

Probably, the last thing is something that has made the news this week.  What a storm we had here Friday night!  It got to 105 degrees here, with heat index making it feel like 115.  Then came the storm.  The news called it a derecho.  It knocked out power to so many across several states on the east coast.  Here’s a few pictures from around our neighborhood, the day after…

Timber! This large tree was at the other end of my street.

Tree caught in wires 1 street over from my house, caused the allergist to be closed due to no power. Sorry Alex, no shots today.

Also 1 street over, the other direction. This one was pretty bad, they had to rope it off due to wires near the road.

1 corner down & across from me, they lost a few large branches.

That was just a sample of 5th, 6th, and 7th ave, and I am on 6th.  There was a lot more damage than this, and there are many without power right now.  It could be days, maybe even a week, before all is restored.  Our heat advisory is not done yet either.  We have 1 or 2 more days that it’s expected to be in the high 90’s to near 100 degrees.  I am so so grateful that we haven’t lost power.  I hope that others are doing well in this disaster, and that the restoration goes quickly so people can have relief.


I was playing with my settings today, added some new stuff on the sidebar (blogroll, goodreads, twitter), and changed the theme.  Let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions to make it look better!


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  1. I love the new theme, seems much more impactful, the pictures look better, more of my screen is taken up – seems like a winner to me! Your couch looks totally cosy and comfortable, I’m jealous, trying to cinvince my hubby right now to get us a new couch! We moved house and have an extra living room at this house and so right now its totally empty! You daughters cake was impressive, I’ve tried and cant even make those little dollop things that look so pretty. Creativity is not my strong suit! I couldn’t believe that tree caught in the wires, it was massive! Those winds had to be gale-forced to lift it up and carry it like that. We’ve been seeing the heat-wave you have been having. We used to live about 15 miles north of the Colorado Springs fire and actually got married at the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado springs, so its close to our hearts, just devastating! I am hoping for a cool change in the weather for all of you affected in the US, I can’t imagine that heat! I hope your daughters continue to feel better, they are worrying complaints for kids so young 😦 Nice to see your update, I always enjoy your posts! (oh and thank you for adding my to your blogroll, so nice!)

    • As always, thanks for stopping in. 🙂 It took me forever to figure out how to add that blogroll with links other than the generic wp links! I’m glad you don’t mind me adding you- I never asked anyone for permission, I was just thrilled to figure it out! LOL. Thanks for the feedback on the theme. I had another picked out, but hubby told me this one he liked better when I showed him the 2 I was looking at. The furniture is soooo comfy. The old sectional, is way too big for the other living room upstairs, but that’s where it went, because there were no springs left in the ancient couch we had up there. You’d sit on it, and practically fall to the floor & barely be able to get back up! I can’t wait to see how far she takes the cake lessons, she’s talked about it for a good while now, ever since she saw “cake boss” on the food channel. There is widespread damage from the storms that ran thru on Friday, and what I showed, was mild in comparison to some I’ve seen online. I am also hoping they get the fires out west under control. It’s very scary, and I have friends on that side of the states, and I always worry.

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