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T- 3 days and counting till PROM.  I think I’m just as excited about getting the mani/pedi Friday night!  Hard to tell if Alex is excited or not, but I plan to take some pics after she’s looking like a total princess.

Marissa is NOT getting better like I thought.  The redness / infection was taken care of by the z-pack, but she still has the headache that won’t quit for 2 weeks now.  Took her to her doctor’s office on Tuesday, where they prescribed a “different class of drug” than the imitrex, but designed to do the same thing, effectively get rid of it.  It has not worked yet.  We go back Friday afternoon for a follow up, and with her not progressing, they will likely be ordering imaging.

My chiropractor visit will get pushed back again, I just don’t have time to leave work for 60-90 minutes this week, what with having to take Marissa to the doctor twice.  I’m continuing on with the stretching she asked me to do, and while the reps aren’t improving, my shoulder is acting up less, tho there is still some pain.

I can’t believe this is pretty much, the last week of school for my girls.  The next 2 weeks after this is exams, and then they are done.

I should be watching IDOL right now, but Marissa put on Dr. Who on Netflix.. she is a new fan (as of this week) and it’s all she’s done while she’s been home this week.  Yay for DVR’s and I’ll be watching IDOL as soon as she’s done with the current episode she’s on.

Not much else to report on, but just felt like updating on the kiddos.  June needs to just get here and get this month over with already.  Hard to believe this June, Steve & I will be married for 23 years!

June 17, 1989.


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  1. I would love to see the prom photos! 23 years is amazing, a testament to good values and commitment.

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