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Just a bit over 2 years ago, my mom was finally no longer suffering or in pain, although she left the rest of us here to miss her.  There are so many times I find out something I want to tell her, or even ask her.  You could say, I think of her pretty often.  Anyway, after she’d been gone a few months, on a visit home to see dad, he gave me her jewelry box.  I always loved playing in her stuff when I was a little girl, and more than caring about what was inside, it was the nostalgia of sitting on her bed and playing in her jewelry while she let me, that I cared most about.

Well, I’ve gone through it a few times since then.  Thinking of her, and how she really didn’t wear a lot of it later in life.  She was in such bad health, and arthritis had crippled her so much, she just couldn’t work the jewelry to get it on.  She has a few pieces in her jewelry box that I really like, and up until now, have not worn.  I guess I’ve been afraid to lose them or damage them.  But yesterday, I decided to get out my jewelry cleaner and clean up a pair of earrings in there, that I thought were very pretty.  I didn’t really study them to find out if they were silver, white gold, avon, or whatever.  But, they are still really pretty, and the only thing is, the kind of closure they have, I couldn’t work on my own!  Do you have any idea how many years it’s been since I’ve had to ask for help with putting on any kind of jewelry?  I hardly wear any myself- other than my wedding ring, and earrings, I pretty much stopped wearing anything else.  And I usually never change my earrings, keeping in the same 2 pair for years now.  I ended up asking Steve to help me put them in yesterday, and he got them clipped with no problem.  I worry about the clip not holding, but they stayed in well overnight.

currently broken

I wore them all day at work, but decided to take them out tonight to inspect them closer.  Well, one of the hooks came out and now I can’t put it back in.  Steve, my always hero, said he’d take them to work tomorrow so he could look under the microscope to see the holes and put the wire back through and close it off for me.   I’ve been thinking if a jeweler could change the kind of hook / closure on this to something a bit easier to handle.. but I just don’t know if I want to really alter it.  In any case, I did enjoy wearing them today, and will hopefully get to wear them again soon.

lil ol' me


And here’s a pic of me at about the age of 5.. right around the time I actually started playing in mom’s jewelry.  In some ways, I still feel like the lil girl, wanting to play dress up with mom’s stuff.  I honestly don’t know where the blonde came from- my hair is sooo dark now!  So, this post was more or less me thinking of mom, and not much else.  Hey, I never said I was interesting.


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  1. My mom died in 2005. I got nostalgic right along with you. Thanks.

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