Road to recovery- take 2.   Leave a comment

After taking 1 day of prednisone and realizing that was a no go for me, (diabetes is a bitch with meds!), 2 days of Afrin (which, burned like hell, I’d imagine), I found my way back to Urgent Care today, a week and a day after my last visit.  I saw the lovely Dr. Wanda.  She has seen my children previously, and has a fairly pleasant manner about her, so I was pleased for the change of docs from the last visit.  After taking down notes on the last 2 weeks of progress & decline, she listened to my heart & lungs, looked in the ears, nose, & throat, and decided to give me not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 prescriptions!  I feel special.  Well, considering I saw her maybe all of 15 minutes, after I was there for 3 hours.. I don’t know if special fits the bill.  But, at least this should (I hope) get me back to feeling better soon.  After trying to cough up a lung for 2 days, and blowing bits of my brain thru my nostrils periodically thru the week, and feeling like something has taken up residence in my ear and click clacking away, I look forward to some kind of relief.

With the upcoming holiday weekend, (no, not Thanksgiving!  – Veteran’s Day) we plan to travel to see family we haven’t seen for awhile.  I only hope I am well enough to travel then.   Family is important, and life is too short.


Posted November 9, 2011 by Meg's Simple Life in life in general

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