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Yesterday, we got ready for work as we would any other day, leaving the house at about 7am, to try & beat the rush through the toll road and eventual parking lot that follows, to be at work by 8am.  If we are so much as 5 minutes behind traffic, we end up being 30 minutes late.  It’s crazy, I know!  Anyway, we get about 5 minutes from the parking lot, and the cell phone starts going off.  Don’t bother coming in, the building is shut down to a water main break in the parking lot.  Umm.. we are already there.  We live 45 miles from work, and it was nearly 8am, what time do you *think* we leave to get there by 8am?  Really..

So, we got to the building, ran in quick to grab a few things to maybe do some work from home, and make the return trip.  After getting home, I call urgent care to find out if I can get my daughter’s sick note for the school extended by 1 day, as she was still feeling bad and I kept her home 1 more day than the note allowed, and the school is..well, let’s say there’s no love lost for the school.  They said they would love to give me a note for another day, and since I had to come in to get it, why don’t I bring her in for a follow up to see how she’s doing.  So, the 3 of us (Steve, myself, and Alex) all head to urgent care for said note.  Well, Steve went too, because he’s been sick for almost 2 weeks and it’s bronchitis.  Alex has an ear infection, this we knew from the weekend visit. And so Steve said I should get seen as well, since I’ve been complaining for a few days now as well of not feeling well. Three hours in urgent care.  By the way, we never did do any work from home.

There are reasons that I have grown to *hate* most doctors, and the one we saw yesterday at urgent care, was definitely one of *them*.  I go in for ear pain, nausea, and dizziness, and he goes off about my weight, diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure.  I need to try this awesome diet program that has been around for like 30 years, and he himself uses it for the past 10 years, and it’s so amazing it will cure cancer!  Ok, so that last part is an exaggeration, but I swear it was like he was the spokesman for it, and it would fix all our problems.  Can’t quit smoking (Steve) then try the Zone!  Alex is allergic to everything and anything and about to start allergy shots.. no, wait, the ZONE will cure that! (I kid you not.. he pushed it to cure her allergies.) And my earache and nausea had nothing on the Zone!  It would fix my problems and make me forget I wanted to vomit all over this idiot.  Oh wait, scratch that.  1) He is NOT my primary care physician.  I am on meds, and I talk to my doctor at *least* 4x a year, with labs.  2)I’m here for an earache, not a lecture, do I need treatment for my ear or NOT?

Oh, so my treatment.  A 3 day prescription for Prednisone, steroid treatment to maybe reduce the swelling in my ear so the fluid will drain and make the pain go away.  Oh, by the way, this treatment will FUCK UP YOUR SUGAR LEVELS.  I couldn’t eat today.  I had a breakfast sandwich at 8am, a small croissant with 2 pieces of bacon, an egg, and a slice of cheese.  And a coffee.  Three hours later, my sugar reading was 275.  An hour later, it was 265.  I wanted coffee for my throat, it was hurting and my voice was coming & going.  So, skipping food for the day, and having another coffee.  2 hours later, it was again 275.  I was so hungry on the ride home, I tested again, it was finally *just* under 200, (197), and I scarfed down a granola bar.  I didn’t get dinner for another 2 hours after that, and it was 2 slices of pizza.  I don’t even want to know how high my sugar is now.  It’s been just over an hour, maybe 90 minutes since having that, and I fear the over 300 reading.  Oh, by the way, my ear STILL HURTS.  And now, my nose is starting to fill up as well.  Do I continue to take the prednisone for 2 more days that didn’t make my symptoms feel better, and made my sugar so bad I felt worse, and had to just, not eat all day?

I’m ready to say the hell with all of it, and bake some banana nut bread and eat the whole damn loaf.  yea. mmm mmm good.

yes, i could so eat the whole thing, diabetes be damned!


Posted November 2, 2011 by Meg's Simple Life in life in general

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  1. I had the worst night last night (which I will eventually do a post about) but I have to say after reading this, you absolutely, without question had the worst day. Worst. You win the award. Sorry. The good news is there is only one place to go from here – up!

    • I don’t generally try to complain, really. This time of year, everyone is starting to feel like crap. My issue was an idiot doctor, and the sugar off the charts for me. I did test my sugar last night before bed. It had been probably 4 hours after eating those 2 slices of pizza. It was 298. Yea, I *knew* it would be that bad. Hubby told me to not take the prednisone today. Before I had coffee this morning at 5am, I tested again. It was about 5.5 hours after the bedtime reading. Finally, almost a normal reading, well, normal for me – 167. It was still a bit high, but thankfully, well under 200. I was not so sure it would drop that much overnight.

      Sadly, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The earache had just been in the early stages. Overnight, it developed into full blown ear pain, throat pain, stuffy head, and just generally feel like poo. This too, shall pass..

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