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Today, the vet called the house to give us results of Tiger’s labs over the weekend.  We weren’t home, but the kids were, and they asked to have us give them a call.  So, I called them back, after getting the message, and was told by the receptionist there, that the vet wanted to talk to us about the results.  There is a virus at work here, she said, and he wants to talk about it more with us.  Before we hung up, it was decided tomorrow around 6pm we’d be in to talk, and then I asked, is there a diagnosis listed, in case I may have questions for the vet?  She told me, it was FIP.  Go ahead, google it (like I did, while at work), I’ll wait.

So, basically, I broke down at work, in full Halloween gear, complete with huge fake glittery eyelashes, after reading that my kitty has a death sentence.  And to top it off, it’s transmittable to my other 3 kitties.  So can’t wait to see the vet tomorrow. Ya, Happy Halloween.  =,(

My Tiger kitty.




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2 responses to “Kinda sad

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  1. Im sorry that all seems so terrible, I do think the vet was remiss to let the receptionist give you such potentially dire news over the phone with more than 24 hours until you could see him. Try to reserve your fears until you hear a concrete diagnosis from the vet, and with regards to transmission, from what I read it sounded like it was a very slim change, so your other kitties might be safe? I hope the news is better than you hope.

    • Thanks- we just got back from seeing the vet, and it is bad, but not as bad as was our fears. She will eventually decline, and we will know it from her behavior. The other 3 cats most likely already have the coronavirus, which is what mutates into IFP. However, they may or may not ever mutate. It is different for every cat. The information he gave us to read (which I’ve only skimmed so far) explains it like getting the flu.. you get sick, and eventually bounce back. That’s coronavirus. IFP is when it changes to something that would be similar to aids, they may hang in there for a period of time until they just get so sick that they stop eating, lose interest in interaction, stop using the litter pan.. at that point, we know she will be a very sick kitty. Until then, she may just hang in there at 5 pounds, and be a tiny, energetic, 8 year old cat. They also told us she does have tapeworms (but they did not cause her weight loss, this he is certain), so we are treating for that now, and will also treat the other 3 cats, once we have them weighed.

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