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I am currently owned by 4 cats.  2 are cute little orange and white 2-3 year old sisters, named Peaches & Ginger.

Oh hiii


Ginger with a bit of Tiger


 and then the other 2 are brother/sister.  The sister is a gray tiger striped, named, Tiger.  of  course.  I mean, the kids did name her.  And the brother is a big white moo cow kitty with gray patches, named, Patches.  Again, the kids named him.

Tiger, with scary eyes..

  They are about 8 years old.   They were all rescues, and all have been spayed / neutered, and given initial shots & check up.  After that, we keep them indoors, and haven’t really worried too much about them, as they are cats, with minds of thier own, and do what they want.  We don’t own them, they own us.  Only, recently, Patches was licking and biting himself so much, he was losing fur.  And he bled when we brushed his back.  And then he bled more a few days later.  So, off to the vet he went.  Busting the scales at 21.1 lbs, the vet wondered if he heard right that he was seeing a cat, thinking perhaps they meant to say small dog.  No, CAT.  A whole lotta cat.  He has been big ever since we had him “fixed” and we even put him on the “diet” food.  He doesn’t get overfed (anymore – he was when he was much younger, and we found out and stopped that.)  He just.. got big.  So, after examining him, by giving him a reverse mohawk, they discovered he has a rare cat problem – severly allergic to fleas.  We don’t even know how we got the fleas, but must have had them for a couple of months.  He had infected sores from the bites, and they were making nests – laying eggs – in his wounds.  So, flea treatment in the office, topical & internal, flea treatment to go, for the other cats, flea spay for the house, antibiotics, antiseptic spray, and special kitty body shampoo, we are on the way to hopefully, a happier cat again. 

Here he is at home, wondering why I’d want to take pictures of him looking so pitiful.  ❤ my kitty, hate those damn fleas.

Hey, I'm having a bad hair day, drop the camera!

Poor baby =,(


Tomorrow, I’m taking Tiger in to the vet as well.  I noticed recently, she feels much lighter than I remember her feeling.  And looking at her closely, she looks thinner too.  After reading Jenny (TheBloggess) recently, regarding her 16 year old kitty with the poor thyroid, it made me start wondering, could this be happening to my Tiger too?  So, she is currently ticked off at me, as they have me making her fast, to prep for her visit tomorrow, and she wants her nom noms.  She is staring at me.  Or maybe it’s my eyeballs.  Either way, I don’t think I’ll be laying on the couch tonight!



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  1. Poor kitty, nothing worse than animals feeling bad and not being able to tell us whats wrong. Hope all is well soon x

    • Thanks. He’s a sweet cat and my heart was breaking as I was being told how badly allergic he is to fleas, and that they were actually laying thier eggs in his sores, from thier bites. I’m glad we noticed it and got him in when we did. He had really thick hair, and the only way they could see what was going on was to shave him. We had no idea it was even as bad as it turned out, simply because we couldn’t see it. After only 2 days of treatments, he is looking happier. He hates the topical spray (because it is alcohol based, and burns), but it’s helping to dry out and heal the wounds. Fleas are dead dead dead, and hopefully none lingering in the furniture after we sprayed the heck out of it & the carpeting down here.

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