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Kinda sad   2 comments

Today, the vet called the house to give us results of Tiger’s labs over the weekend.  We weren’t home, but the kids were, and they asked to have us give them a call.  So, I called them back, after getting the message, and was told by the receptionist there, that the vet wanted to talk to us about the results.  There is a virus at work here, she said, and he wants to talk about it more with us.  Before we hung up, it was decided tomorrow around 6pm we’d be in to talk, and then I asked, is there a diagnosis listed, in case I may have questions for the vet?  She told me, it was FIP.  Go ahead, google it (like I did, while at work), I’ll wait.

So, basically, I broke down at work, in full Halloween gear, complete with huge fake glittery eyelashes, after reading that my kitty has a death sentence.  And to top it off, it’s transmittable to my other 3 kitties.  So can’t wait to see the vet tomorrow. Ya, Happy Halloween.  =,(

My Tiger kitty.



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The other children..   2 comments

I am currently owned by 4 cats.  2 are cute little orange and white 2-3 year old sisters, named Peaches & Ginger.

Oh hiii


Ginger with a bit of Tiger


 and then the other 2 are brother/sister.  The sister is a gray tiger striped, named, Tiger.  of  course.  I mean, the kids did name her.  And the brother is a big white moo cow kitty with gray patches, named, Patches.  Again, the kids named him.

Tiger, with scary eyes..

  They are about 8 years old.   They were all rescues, and all have been spayed / neutered, and given initial shots & check up.  After that, we keep them indoors, and haven’t really worried too much about them, as they are cats, with minds of thier own, and do what they want.  We don’t own them, they own us.  Only, recently, Patches was licking and biting himself so much, he was losing fur.  And he bled when we brushed his back.  And then he bled more a few days later.  So, off to the vet he went.  Busting the scales at 21.1 lbs, the vet wondered if he heard right that he was seeing a cat, thinking perhaps they meant to say small dog.  No, CAT.  A whole lotta cat.  He has been big ever since we had him “fixed” and we even put him on the “diet” food.  He doesn’t get overfed (anymore – he was when he was much younger, and we found out and stopped that.)  He just.. got big.  So, after examining him, by giving him a reverse mohawk, they discovered he has a rare cat problem – severly allergic to fleas.  We don’t even know how we got the fleas, but must have had them for a couple of months.  He had infected sores from the bites, and they were making nests – laying eggs – in his wounds.  So, flea treatment in the office, topical & internal, flea treatment to go, for the other cats, flea spay for the house, antibiotics, antiseptic spray, and special kitty body shampoo, we are on the way to hopefully, a happier cat again. 

Here he is at home, wondering why I’d want to take pictures of him looking so pitiful.  ❤ my kitty, hate those damn fleas.

Hey, I'm having a bad hair day, drop the camera!

Poor baby =,(


Tomorrow, I’m taking Tiger in to the vet as well.  I noticed recently, she feels much lighter than I remember her feeling.  And looking at her closely, she looks thinner too.  After reading Jenny (TheBloggess) recently, regarding her 16 year old kitty with the poor thyroid, it made me start wondering, could this be happening to my Tiger too?  So, she is currently ticked off at me, as they have me making her fast, to prep for her visit tomorrow, and she wants her nom noms.  She is staring at me.  Or maybe it’s my eyeballs.  Either way, I don’t think I’ll be laying on the couch tonight!


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Fire alams, part 2   Leave a comment

Ok, so remember our fire alarm a few weeks ago at work?  We have had quite a few alarms go off lately.  Most are for testing the system, I think in large part, due to some construction being done on the first floor of the building.  Quite often, they will send an email to me to pass on to all employees regarding an upcoming drill, and that we can simply, ignore the alarms, unless told to leave by someone in charge.  (The latest of which, is occuring today, and we aren’t there on Saturday, so I’m ok with that!)  Well, about a week ago, the alarms started going off, and there had been no recent memo and I quickly grabbed my purse (which was by my feet) and people looked at me that were milling around by the lobby, asking ME if this was a drill.. and I said, not that I’m aware of, I’m outta here!  To which, we all headed for the stairs.  So, this would be the 2nd time inside of a month, that the alarm appears to be the real deal.  After everyone is outside, and the property manager makes sure everyone is of adequate distance from the building, they let us back in.  No fire trucks to be seen.  This was a DRILL, but not for the system, but for us, much like they do in schools, to see how well the people will respond if it were the real thing.  The nice thing was, they gave us ice cream at the elevator when we came back in!  At the end of the day, our top boss sends an email, basically saying, she knows we’ve had a lot of drills, but we all need to be more wary of the alarms and get out faster and not hang around waiting to find out if it is a real alarm or a test.  I agree- the last real alarm, complete with fire trucks, I was hanging around for at least 15 minutes before I finally left, after being told to get out.  After that, I said, I will be the first one out from now on!

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