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Today, I went to see my chiropractor.  I saw her yesterday as well.  I’ll see her again on Monday.  I haven’t seen her in about, 3 months, prior to this.  She said ‘these home improvements sure are being hard on both of ya”, because, my hubby also went to see her today.  Needless to say, I’m a bit stiff and sore.  It’s kinda funny, in the fact that I actually did very little of the work, in comparison to what he’s done.  I’m not so much the “handy” type.  And, the last room we did, was so small, you really can’t fit 2 people in there at the same time too well, when there’s furniture in there too. 

So, to bring you up to date some, here’s some pictures.  Previously, the floor was done, but the paint was still kindergarten picked pink! 

Well, the floor is done..

Flooring done, painting not so much.

Now, a lovely, blue on blue motif:

New room color!

Pretty blue



New light switch cover

 Marissa picked the colors, and she loves how it turned out.  Steve found the light switch cover while browsing the other plain outlet covers, and knew she’s like it, and she does.  Things are coming right along.  Now, to get up the energy to start OUR bedroom.  We lost our steam for a couple weeks, but it’s getting to the point where we really want our living room back to normal, and not a storage pod for the flooring yet to be installed.


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2 responses to “Update on Marissa’s room

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  1. I LOVE that light switch cover, you cant get them like that here, and our switches are a different size, so I cant import than 😦 so sad! The room looks all grown up!

    • She loves it too! She has a hanging lamp in her room that looks a bit like stained glass and antique look to it, she just adores, and this went very well with it. She is my young, old fashioned style, girl. She’ll appreciate that someone else thinks it looks more grown up. The pink was “too young” for her now, since she picked it out when she was 5 years old. Glad you stopped in, we love having visitors!

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