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This has been quite the week.  Rained so much, I almost considered that idea of building an ark.  Thankfully, we were spared the flooding here, although I do have family in neighboring states that were not so lucky.  They are ok, but I know some water got in the lowest levels of thier homes.

Meanwhile, my oldest darling daughter Alex, took her driver’s permit test, and passed.  She is quite pleased with herself.  Since it has been raining all week, and my car needs new tires, she did not get a chance to drive.. until today.  Bless the sun for shining today, and for allowing me to grow 50 new silver hairs on my head.

In all honesty, she didn’t do horribly bad.. but she is definatly not ready for the road yet.  I let her drive a back road that started out as a 25mph road, and ended up a curvy country road of 45 mph.  She was not digging it.  Neither was I, as I watched her aim the car at the shoulder, repeatedly.  I was good tho, I only tried to grab the wheel once, or twice.  And she heard me catch my breath a couple of times.  She did enjoy it for the most part, but she knows she isn’t ready to “go at breakneck speeds”.  I can only hope this means she will not have a lead foot once she gets the hang of it. 

In other news, we went back to Home Depot today to get more supplies, including the paint for my youngest daughter’s room.  Pictures will follow, after painting has commenced.


Posted September 10, 2011 by Meg's Simple Life in life in general

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