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Update on Marissa’s room   2 comments

Today, I went to see my chiropractor.  I saw her yesterday as well.  I’ll see her again on Monday.  I haven’t seen her in about, 3 months, prior to this.  She said ‘these home improvements sure are being hard on both of ya”, because, my hubby also went to see her today.  Needless to say, I’m a bit stiff and sore.  It’s kinda funny, in the fact that I actually did very little of the work, in comparison to what he’s done.  I’m not so much the “handy” type.  And, the last room we did, was so small, you really can’t fit 2 people in there at the same time too well, when there’s furniture in there too. 

So, to bring you up to date some, here’s some pictures.  Previously, the floor was done, but the paint was still kindergarten picked pink! 

Well, the floor is done..

Flooring done, painting not so much.

Now, a lovely, blue on blue motif:

New room color!

Pretty blue



New light switch cover

 Marissa picked the colors, and she loves how it turned out.  Steve found the light switch cover while browsing the other plain outlet covers, and knew she’s like it, and she does.  Things are coming right along.  Now, to get up the energy to start OUR bedroom.  We lost our steam for a couple weeks, but it’s getting to the point where we really want our living room back to normal, and not a storage pod for the flooring yet to be installed.


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Is that.. the sun?   Leave a comment

This has been quite the week.  Rained so much, I almost considered that idea of building an ark.  Thankfully, we were spared the flooding here, although I do have family in neighboring states that were not so lucky.  They are ok, but I know some water got in the lowest levels of thier homes.

Meanwhile, my oldest darling daughter Alex, took her driver’s permit test, and passed.  She is quite pleased with herself.  Since it has been raining all week, and my car needs new tires, she did not get a chance to drive.. until today.  Bless the sun for shining today, and for allowing me to grow 50 new silver hairs on my head.

In all honesty, she didn’t do horribly bad.. but she is definatly not ready for the road yet.  I let her drive a back road that started out as a 25mph road, and ended up a curvy country road of 45 mph.  She was not digging it.  Neither was I, as I watched her aim the car at the shoulder, repeatedly.  I was good tho, I only tried to grab the wheel once, or twice.  And she heard me catch my breath a couple of times.  She did enjoy it for the most part, but she knows she isn’t ready to “go at breakneck speeds”.  I can only hope this means she will not have a lead foot once she gets the hang of it. 

In other news, we went back to Home Depot today to get more supplies, including the paint for my youngest daughter’s room.  Pictures will follow, after painting has commenced.

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So, I’ve moved..   Leave a comment

Yes, it’s true.  I’m a noob.  I don’t know much about blogs, and setup, and design, and moderating, and just anything.  I could not comment on my own blog over at blogger.. it infuriated me telling me I did not have permission, and I was the *owner* of the blog.  GIVE ME MY OWN ACCESS.. I was practically shaking the monitor. 

Anyway, I decided to give wordpress a try.  They even moved my posts from blogger, to here, so they are not missing.  It’s kind of late now and I have had a very short time to try and set this up.  I’m missing a lot yet, but I’ll work on it some, maybe over the weekend. In the mean time, if you wish to read or comment, feel free.

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Dream bigger.. at Home Depot.   Leave a comment

Today, I got the chance to go to Home Depot, sans hubby, to pick up a paint palette for my daughter to start picking a color for her room.  Current room, recently redone with flooring, and the bunk is gone, but still way too pink since she is no longer 5 years old.  She tagged along, and we browsed different areas, because, I never get time to do this when I’m with him.  He goes in there on a mission and it’s get what he is after, and gone.  Me, I don’t know what I want, I want to see & dream & what if (I had an unlimited supply of cash to do what I wanted)!  We just started the project in the past month, of redoing our main floor in hardwood laminate, to get rid of some nasty carpeting that was harboring allergens that were killing my eldest child.  Last school year.. 32 sick days.  Yes, you saw that right.  Most were from allergy flareups that she could barely function.  We are working to solve this problem, tho it’s taking longer that I thought it would.  I mean, you read that you can order the installation when you get the flooring.. so you figure ok, they could have it done in a day, why can’t you?  Yea, not so much.  A month later, (working pretty much weekends only, due to commute times during the week and just wanting to be comatose after dinner) we have 3 rooms and a hallway done.  Our bedroom, and the living room is to be last.  In the mean time, it’s a bit of chaos up there in the living room, where the flooring is being stored, and much of the sawing took place. 
So, yes, the distraction was nice today, dreaming of the beauty that would be ours eventually, when this is all done.  When we were picking our flooring out, we had a tight budget, and we had a good idea of what we wanted.  The one thing I wished I could have had, was a *shiny* wood floor.  I was told that the only way we’d get that, is if we got REAL wood flooring, which is about 10x our budget.  So, I was pretty happy with our selection anyway, it matches our cupboards & kitchen table pretty well.  Until I was browsing the samples in the flooring area, and lo & behold, there was a laminate hardwood floor that was *shiny*!  Well, I took the sample, just to show him and say.. nyaaaaa nyaaaaaa.. it’s shiny, and laminate!  I know that it was a much nicer floor than we could have afforded anyway, but in my little head, all I could think of was.. *ooh, shiny*  The trip wasn’t a total waste tho.. I did get some new florescent bulbs we needed, the paint palette for the little one to ponder for a week, a light fixutre idea for my kitchen (that will require more work of hubby!), ideas for cabinetry, interior door, chair rail, and knowledge that they do not carry hampers in the store. Bah.
Leaving the store, I saw the privacy fencing lined up along the exterior of the store.  Hmmm.. which one do I like? 
Oh, and the oldest child, she had her colors picked & walls painted already.  Her sister is NOT allowed to copy her. She picked Teal & Ice Blue trim.  Pretty, isn’t it?

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This is a drill, right?   3 comments

Trying to get back into the swing of things, it’s been so long since I tried to do regular updating on a site, and honestly, my life is so monotonously boring, it’s hard to come up with anything of interest.  But, yesterday, there was something I think worthy of a giggle.  Well, if by giggle, I mean, damn, how stupid can we all be, then yes, it was laughable.

The end of last week, I received a memo that I was asked to forward to all employees.  (I’m the receptionist, so I get this task from time to time.)  One day this week, the building would be conducting fire alarm testing, and we were to simply ignore the alarms, and there was an apology for any inconvenience, and that they would attempt to complete testing quickly.  The date was also given somewhere in the memo, as to when they would actually do the testing. 

Yesterday afternoon, roughly 12:15pm, the alarm started going off, while I was in the supply room putting supplies away.  Another person was in there using the laminator.  We looked at each other, and said.. “this was the drill, right?  we don’t have to leave, we can ignore.. yea, ok.” It continued to signal for several minutes, and my ears were ringing, as 1 of the bells was right over our heads.  I finished quickly then and started for my desk.  Not that it was really quieter there.  As I approached my desk, one of our security guys comes up to me and simply says “Meg, get out” and I replied, “I thought this was a drill..” and he came back with.. “That was *yesterday*.  Crap.  Snagged my purse, and off I went.  Down 4 flights of stairs.. for the 2nd time in .. 2 weeks?  When did we have that earthquake?  Yea, I really don’t do stairs that much.

Apparently, a LOT of people were thinking the same as me.. this was the drill and not the real deal.  Next time, if they announce a drill & to ignore the alarms.. guess who may be the first one out of the building if/when alarms are heard? 

Oh, and our building is fine.  Some smoke was seen on the 5th floor (top floor) and after all the firetrucks showed up, it wasn’t long before they all left.  In all, we were outside about 30 minutes, plus the 15 minutes that we all wandered around thinking, “damn, the alarms work, drill’s over, shut em off already!” 

Personally, I think someone burned thier popcorn!

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